Train engineers with autogenerated knowledge on any codebase.

Streamline ramp-up and knowledge sharing with autogenerated documentation, reference guides, and walkthroughs.

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Autogenerate Code Walkthroughs and Reference Guides.

Sage generates file and directory level overviews of functionalities, dependencies, and context in the overall project, linking directly to your source and updating on code change.

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Enforce documentation freshness in tickets and pull requests.

Sage integrates with your knowledge base, surfacing potential documentation staleness caused by pull requests. Integrate incentives for doc ownership and maintenance directly into the developer workflow.

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Clarity and usefulness on real-world tasks as a North Star.

When Sage was used to plan the implementation of routine tickets, the calibration time was cut nearly in half.

Knowledge friction impedes all progress.

Your engineering expertise in your software remains foundational.


Documentation is time intensive to keep pace with development.


Code is more difficult to maintain and improve as it increases in age and size.


Code information is unversioned and unlinked across disparate platforms.


Information siloes in individuals and teams impede collaboration.


Engineers are expected to take 6-12 months to fully onboard.


Core knowledge is continually lost with employee turnover.